Yangon Region Transport Authority explains actions taken against cabs with window shades, stickers


Yangon Region Transport Authority clarifed yesterday the actions which include fine and revoking licence against taxis which failed to remove window stickers on their cars.
YRTA met with taxis owners and drivers on Thursday and explained the instructins and punishments.
The face to face meeting came one day after the vehicle owners and drivers held the press conference on 17 October in Yangon where they explained the media what difficulties they are facing. They said that they are not allowed to carry out licence renewal although they paid fines for breach rules on installation of window film on cars, facing deportation of their cars under Section 40 (b) of the existing Automobile Law.
But, U Lian Cin Maung,
Director of the Road Transport Administration Department, said the department is already announced that taxi must remove window shades, stickers and advertising that could obscure the view inside and effective action has been taken against those failed to abide by the rules starting on 1 February.
He said, “vehicle owners probably don’t understand the information. The department does according to the announcement, which says those who break the rules will face both fine and other penalties including revocation of licence. According to the Automobile Law, it is difference between the fine and the penalty.”
Following the announcement, the department seized a total of 66 cabs, including 24 cabs which changed their number plate background colour from black to red. The department immediately revoked licences for those 24 cabs under Section 12/1 (a) of the Road and Inland Water Transport Law 1963. U Lian Cin Maung said: “The 44 vehicles have faced actions once. They will have to pay fines only. As we cannot disband it, the Yangon Region Government has asked for advice from the Ministry of Transport and Communications about the ways of how to deal with those vehicles.”
“According to section 40 (b) of the Automobile Law, the Union ministry can put a provision that the following matters can be done with the approval of the Union government. The provision is the designation of accessible locations for vehicles based on the types of vehicles. The Union government can take action against law breakers under this law. As Yangon Region government cannot revoke the license under this section, the proposal to send the taxies with the number plates of AA and BB to other regions and states. The department is unable to renew the licenses for these taxies whose licenses have expired while it still seeking advice from the Union government,” he added.
U Hla Aung, a taxi owner said: “The use of stickers is my mistake. I failed to remove stickers from my vehicle. But I think it is not a severe offence.”
Vehicle owners have sent apology letters to the President and other departments to review the abolishing of “C” license and the actions.
There are over 66,000 registered taxies in Yangon, according to the Road Transport Administration department.

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