Yaba, arms, ammunition seized from Thai nationals in Kawthoung

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Detainees named Naing Aei Ka Phon (alias) Nine S, Kyar Yaseik, Naing Chauk, Soe Pyae Kyaw, Moe Zaw Oo seen together with stimulant drugs. Photo: Supplied by mpf

An anti-narcotic police force seized Yaba tablets, arms and ammunition in a village in Kawthoung Township in their anti-narcotic operations on 24 October, according to the information released by the police force yesterday.
A combined team comprising members of the local anti-narcotic squad No. 34 (Kawthoung) and Maram local police station searched a house in Phaw Thok Village, Kamaukgyi Town, Kawthoung Township where a Thai citizen Naing Aei Ka Phon (alias) Nine S, aged 38, was staying and found ICE weighing 874.8 grams, 1,400 Yaba tablets and marijuana weighing 274 grams. The police also seized a 0.22 rifle with a magazine and 39 bullets, a pistol with a magazine and 70 9 mm bullets and a scales.
In connection with the case, the team searched a house in Phone Gyi Kyaung road, Phaw Thok Village, Kamaukgyi Town, Kawthoung Township, where a Naing Chauk, aged 45, was staying.
In the search, the police found another Thai citizen Kyar Yaseik, aged 38, the house together with a bag contained with 4.3 gm of ICE.
Besides, the team discovered 4,480 WY brand Yaba tablets, about 500 gm of ICE, 0.38 Revolver with 15 bullets and 0.32 Revolver hidden in the house.
The combined team also searched a house in Phaw Thok Village, Kamaukgyi Town where a Myanmar citizen Moe Zaw Oo, aged 42, was staying.
The police found 15 Yabapills and ICE weighing 0.5 gm in the search.
The combined team also stopped and searched a motorcycle driven by Soe Pyae Kyaw, aged 20, at the entrance of Phaw Thok Village and found 34 Yaba tablets and ICE weighing 0.1 gm from the motorcycle.
In the operations, the team seized a total of 5,929 Yaba tablets, 1,379.7 gm of ICE, 274 gm of marijuana and five guns.
The police are filing charges against all the suspects involved in the cases.


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