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Work under way at Muse Central Economic Zone

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Work is under way to build housing, shops and offices as part of a new trade centre in Muse town on the Chinese border.
Implementation of the Muse economic zone project is aimed at developing Muse town and increasing the number of tourist arrivals.
Under the permission of Myanmar Investment Commission, Muse New Star Construction Company Ltd. started construction of a shopping mall, apartments and public service buildings, as well as recreational zones on 288.16 acres. The Muse district formed with Muse, Namkham, Kutkai, Kyukok, Pangsai, Monekoe and Manheero shares a border with Ruili of the People’s Republic of China.
The construction company compensated farmers at K24 million per acre of lost farmland, K12 million per acre of alluvial land, K15 million per acre of horticultural farm and K12 million per acre of
The company is striving for soonest completion of the project with the use of heavy machinery to reclaim 188.539 acres of land as of 10 October 2012.–GNLM-018

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