Women in Kayah State provided with cash

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Union Minister Dr Win Myat Aye provides cash assistant to local ethnic people in Dimawhso Township, Kayah State. Photo: MNA

Union Minister for Social Welfare, Relief and Resettlement Dr. Win Myat Aye presented cash assistance to women who are leading their households and handicapped people in Dimawhso Township, Kayah State , yesterday.
At the ceremony, a local ethnic woman expressed her thanks for cash assistant of Ks 24.5 million provided for handicapped people and Ks 16.8 million provided for woman headed households in Dimawhso Township. The Union Minister cordially met with the people attending the ceremony and took commemorative group photo.
The Union Minister and party then attended the cash assistant ceremony held in Prusho for handicapped and woman headed households where the Union Minister delivered an opening speech. Kayah State Chief Minister U L Phaung Sho expressed thanks for cash assistance of Ks. 9.8 million provided for handicapped persons and Ks. 77.4 million for women headed households.
Afterwards, the Union Minister inspected the site in Prusho Township where the Department of Social Welfare office is to be built and the status of constructing a kindergarten in Dimawhso Township and provided necessary coordination for the earliest opening of the kindergarten.
Following this, the Union Minister met with fourteen civil society organizations in Loikaw Town, kindergarten.
After this, the Union Minister and party discussed about opening ‘mother circles’ for the people in Loikaw, Shadaw, Bawlake, Pasawng townships at Kayah State, Loikaw Town, town hall and attended the cash assistant ceremony of Ks 11.6 million for handicapped persons, Ks 19.3 million for woman headed households and Ks 970,000 to expand ‘mother circles.’ A total of Ks. 131,788,100 cash assistant was provided for Kayah State in fiscal year 2018-2019.
Union Minister Dr. Win Myat Aye also held a meeting with Kayah State Chief Minister and state ministers in State Government office and discussed about development and rehabilitation works that supports the achieving of peace in Kayah State, policies and work processes of SWRR Ministry while the Deputy Minister, Department of Rehabilitation Director General and Department of Social Welfare Deputy Director General explained about department wise cooperation matters. State Chief Minister and state ministers submitted requirements for state development and the Union Minister and officials coordinated on it.
The Union Minister then inspected the site where a new State Social Welfare Department office will be built.

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