Will drug scourge cause crime wave in Yangon?

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[dropcap color=”#8224e3″ font=”0″]A[/dropcap]uthorities recently came across stimulant tablets worth over US $130 million near an industrial zone in Yangon. According to some news sources, it was the largest amount of stimulant tablets ever seized in the city. Unfortunately, the police have not been able to uncover the drug traffickers who were thought to be distributing the tablets.
However, the police were able to seize other large hauls of stimulant tablets while trying to expose the drug traffickers. The police found K50 billion (about US $50 million) and K30 billion worth of stimulant tablets, respectively, in Yangon’s North Dagon and Thakayta townships.
The drug traffickers appeared to have abandoned the contraband in order to avoid being caught red-handed. Despite the police seizing the stimulant tablets, no culprit has been brought to trial. As a result, it is difficult to estimate the amount of stimulant tablets smuggled into the city.
As trafficking in and abuse of narcotic drugs can be a source of various criminal activities, if authorities fail to expose the drug traffickers, Yangon may see more criminal activities later. Even now, Yangonites have already witnessed previously unknown crimes like daylight robbery at a downtown money exchange centre in the former capital. Does the scourge of drugs threaten to turn Yangon into a city of crime?

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