We need to be alert as containment measures eased

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On the eve of the reopening of high schools, the Ministry of Health and Sports has taken the next step by expanding the limit on social gatherings from five to 15. The ministry issued an order yesterday expanding the gathering of people from five to 15, in a bid to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. Anyone violating the order could face fines or other punishments, as set out in the Prevention and Control of Communicable Diseases Law. It is time to relax the rules, but we need to be alert for a potential second wave of infections. Authorities are keeping on watch the situation to see if easing the measures results in the emergence of local transmission of the virus.
This reflects that we are not out of the woods yet, and people should not be negligent in protecting themselves from contracting the infection. People are urged to strictly follow all health guidelines. People are highly advised to continue to limit their contacts as much as possible and continue to practise physical distancing to help limit the spread of COVID-19. The smaller the gatherings, the better. The closer the contact you have with somebody else, the higher the risk of transmission.
Following the achievement in containing the infection in our country, it has been found that our people have become careless, with respect to COVID-19. We want to tell them that our country is now in the “wait and see” stage, and today is not the time to become careless, as we all must remain ever-vigilant. In Myanmar, COVID prevention remains most important, as the cost of treatment is a very heavy burden for a country such as Myanmar, which is still a developing country. That’s why the Union Government has placed more emphasis on prevention. We should increase the high public awareness about COVID-19 as part of efforts for educating and alerting the people again.
At the same time, containment measures should be relaxed gradually and with ultra-caution and very close monitoring and surveillance. Our achievement in containing the coronavirus is credited to the crucial role of public participation in preventing and containing the global pandemic. Hence, we would like to urge our people to remain farsighted, determined, diligent and united.

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