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Waterway buoys, markers to be installed in Mandalay-NyaungU waterway

Ships anchored in the Ayeyawady River.  Photo: Khine Set Wai
Ships anchored in the Ayeyawady River.  Photo: Khine Set Wai

Waterway navigation buoys and markers will be installed in August in the Mandalay—NyaungU Ayeyawady River waterway for safety of ships travelling round the clock, said U Aung Myo Khine, Component-3 Director from the Directorate from the Water Resources and Improvement of River Systems.
This project, implemented by National Water Resources Committee, is part of the Ayeyawady River Navigation Enhancement Plan from Mandalay to NyaungU. Over US$30 million will be spent on the project for the enhancement plan from a $100 million loan by the World Bank.
“The navigation markers currently installed in river ways are made in Myanmar and ships can travel only during the daytime because there are no night navigation markers. Light buoys and land markers for night navigation will be installed so that ships can travel safely both day and night. We will also install navigations markers on the bridges,” he added.
There are two types of navigation markers: in the water and on the land. There are also four types of international buoys in the water and two types of markers on the land. On bridges, navigation markers with lights will be installed, enabling navigators to see at night.
“The light markers will be installed one bridges. Red light means ‘do not enter,’ while green light means ‘permitted to pass.’ In the past, ships cannot see clearly because there is no light at the navigation markers. Also new signals and markers will be added on land,” he added.— Khine Set Wai

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