Volunteers move flood victims, cattle to relief camps in NyaungU Tsp, Mandalay Region

NyaunggUnder the supervision of township authorities, 100 police, firefighters and local residents rescued flood victims Friday from Hselan village in NyaungU Township with the use of six motorboats and two vehicles.
The flood victims are being accommodated at relief camps opened at four monasteries in the village. A total of 185 people and 63 cows are staying at the relief camp at Shwekyaung monastery, 574 people and 212 cows at Kanma monastery, 102 people and 23 cows at Myathida monastery, and 128 people and 35 cows at Myodaunt monastery.
Volunteers and residents also helped 94 flood victims, along with 827 cows and 26 sheep, evacuate to a relief camp in Pakokkukyun village.
Township Public Health Department workers have provided healthcare services to the flood victims.

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