United we Stand


Our country have been in turmoils for nearly seven decades. I wonder how long we will have to endure all these hardships. Since our Independence, there never was a moment we can live without any worry and in absolute peace and harmony. With the advent of the much anticipated and coveted Independence, we had been faced with the threats of insurgencies, instabilities and above all, poverty, instead of the peace and prosperities that we had yearned for.
During my lifetime, I had been through the Second World War, which was a living hell with the constant bombings almost every night and day. On many occasions, we were caught between the two warring armies and it was a miracle that we survived. Though I was still young at that time, I can remember the hardships and dangers we were subjected to. Then after the war, we had thought that our future would be bright and peaceful, but that was not to be so.
Right after gaining Independence in 1948, we were faced with other dangers. There emerged the insurgencies, which are still present in the country today. Though at least unlike in the beginning, they are now confined to the remote corners of the country. While most of the Regions are spared from the threats of the armed conflicts, most of our fellow citizens in almost every State are living in constant fear and are suffering from the consequences of the wars. I can realize and sympathize them for what they are subjected to, as I had been through such traumatic situations.
Although the successive governments had endeavored to convince all those armed groups to return to the legal folds and join hands with the authorities to work towards peace and harmony, there are still some obstacles hindering the attainment of absolute peace in the whole country.
Only when there is absolute peace and harmony, the country would be able to develop and prosper properly. The present government had embarked, whole heartedly on the peace process, which was begun by the previous administrations, with great determination and had made progress in the right direction to attaining peace and harmony. Some months ago there were encouraging signs of getting most of the stake holders in the process to sign the peace accord. In anticipation of that outcome, I wrote an article, titled: “Peace is in Sight”, in which, I had urged our compatriots, the national races, to discard our differences, grievances and misunderstandings, and to be united and work towards peace.
However, recently there popped up another trouble, though anticipated, but not expected to flare up so suddenly and turn rapidly into such a major crisis. It was instigated by some ARSA backed extremists.
As for the latest developments, the blame should be borne by the ARSA terrorists who mounted two major coordinated simultaneous attacks, within a short space of time, on the police outposts, and killed some police personnels and civilians in Northern Rakhine. The second offensive by the ARSA was more well coordinated, which in my opinion must be definitely masterminded by some outside collaborators, who are well experienced in such matters. A hastily recruited ragtag group of men would not be able to carry out such systematic attacks.
The most damaging of all is, the rebels managed to create a reign of terror in the Northern Rakhine area by massacring innocent people, including their own kind, who they suspected of collaborating with the authorities. They went on rampage, burning properties belonging to the ethnic races and also their own, to deceive the world at large, that it was the government troops doing them. Those atrocities led the people to flee from those areas.
I must say, they managed to achieve their objective. Most of the international communities and organizations fell for their deceits. Thus they are making a big fuss out of those issues and blindly siding with the terrorists and so, they should also to be blamed. Last, but not least are the fake and fabricated media reports, which are the root causes of all the misunderstandings, should be severely condemned.
The State Counsellor, on the 19th of September, gave a very comprehensive, clear and transparent, open and honest speech explaining the true situations. However, many international media and organizations turned deaf ears to the truths. They are still fueling the situations to make the matters worse by falsely accusing our government and the military of committing genocide, which was just absolute absurdity.
Even leaders from some Western countries ganged up with the supporters of the ARSA to call for the United Nations’ intervention and took the case to the UN Security Council meeting. Thus the situations in the Rakhine State have become a National Cause. It’s a wake-up call for every citizens of Myanmar to be united and rally behind the government.
At such a time, when our government is in the dire strait, with the international pressures, criticisms and threats mounting, every citizens, irrespective of race or religion and not withstanding, which political party we belonged to, should be united and rally behind the government. As I had urged in my article mentioned above, I would like to again humbly request our compatriots to be devoid of all differences, grievances and misunderstandings based on the past histories and to be united and stand with the government to fend off all international pressures and threats. As the saying goes, “United we stand, divided we fall”, let us be united like we did during our struggles for Independence, as our sovereignty is being threatened and our dignity is at stake.

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