Union Minister U Win Khaing inspects Chauk oilfield in Magway Region

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Union Minister U Win Khaing (Right) inspects a oil tank as he visits Chauk oilfield in Magway. Photo: MNA

U Win Khaing, the Union Minister for Electricity and Energy, met with staff at the Chauk oilfield hall in Chauk Township, Magway Region, on 25 January.
During the meeting, the Union Minister said the oil and natural gas sector plays an important role in national development, and thus, everyone working in the sector should be proud of their contribution. He told staff to work harder to increase the extraction of oil and natural gas. He also instructed them to ensure there is safety in the workplace, no wastage, and that the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) is followed at every step of the work undertaken.
On 26 January, the Union Minister and the Magway Region Chief Minister visited the Myaing Township of Pakokku District. They toured the site for Myaing Onshore Drilling Rig 1, which will be employing the ZJ 70L SR-1, and were briefed on the extraction process by the Director-General of Myanma Oil and Gas Enterprise (MOGE) and officials at the briefing hall.
After the briefing, the Union Minister pressed a button to officially start the drilling machine. He and the Chief Minister then gave baskets of fruits to the staff and took a documentary photograph with them.
The geological field inspections for the Myaing Onshore Drilling Rig 1 were conducted in fiscal year 2016-2017, based on previous inspections. Officials are aiming to drill 8,500 feet into the ground for natural gas deposits. Future operations will be planned in accordance with the findings of the drilling operation.
In the afternoon, the Union Minister went to the briefing hall of oil well No. 1196, where the general manager of the oil field and other officials explained the increase in oil production at well No. 1196 and new well No.1213. The Union Minister made his suggestions to the staff and gave them cash bonuses and fruit baskets.
Oil well No. 1196 expanded its drilling depth on 25 December, and is currently producing 122 crude oil kegs a day. New well No. 1213 began drilling on 3 January and reached a depth of 4,150 feet on 19 January. It is currently producing 190 crude oil kegs.
In the evening, the Union Minister visited the hospital in Chauk oilfield and spoke to the staff.
Afterwards, the Union Minister met with officials from Goldpetrol JOC Inc., who are working with the ministry, at the Chauk oilfield’s guest house and discussed ways to increase production, implement corporate social responsibility, besides employee affairs.
Expansion of old oil wells and construction of new ones at Chauk oilfield has increased production by 300 crude oil kegs from the existing 111 oil wells. The Chauk oilfield currently produces 1,700 crude oil kegs and 0.045 million cubic feet of natural gas daily.


(Translated by Zaw Htet Oo)

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