Union Minister Dr. Pe Myint attends discussion on development of Myanmar movie industry

Union Minister Dr. Pe Myint poses for a documentary photo together with officials in attendance at the forum on the Transformation of Censorship System in Yangon.  Photo: MNA
Union Minister Dr. Pe Myint poses for a documentary photo together with officials in attendance at the forum on the Transformation of Censorship System in Yangon.  Photo: MNA

A forum on the Transformation of the Censorship System, jointly organized by the Myanmar Motion Picture Organization (MMPO) and Forever Group Company Limited, was held yesterday morning at the Park Royal Hotel, Alanpya Pagoda Road, Yangon.
In his speech at the forum, Union Minister for Information Dr. Pe Myint said censorship before publishing is practiced only in countries where there is limited freedom. However, censorship is still practiced in the filming of movies, even in the world’s most free countries, though there are differences in the way it is practiced. “With regards to the Transformation of the Censorship System, we are here to discuss the censorship system and how it will be transformed. When we met with representatives of MPA, including U Zin Wine, we didn’t hear any mention of censorship being needed, that it is not required or shouldn’t be in place. They accept censorship. But they talk about how it should be in place”, he said.
“Today’s discussions will include foreign experts and, based on our past practices, I foresee that there’ll be discussions on the need to reduce (censorship) and to what extent. Arts produced by motion picture artistes are not the responsibility of the government and similar entities. Motion picture artistes are also not responsible toward the government and similar entities. They are responsible to the public, their audience or the people.
“To be responsible towards their audiences, they need to think about the level of acceptance. If they are responsible to the government, the government needs to accept it. If they are responsible towards the public, the public needs to accept it. It is ok if the minority does not accept it, while the majority accepts it. All are of the understanding that they shouldn’t do what the majority didn’t accept. “Creators of arts need to be responsible toward their audience. It is their duty. At the same time, with a view toward continued existence and development of their art circle, and retaining their good image and reputation, they need to have a self-control mechanism developed among them. Only then will their arts and movies assure that they are sustainably developed.
“We cherish freedom. We support and uplift freedom. The Ministry of Information is ready to do the best it can for the freedom and development of art and literature. There are laws that have been enacted. To attain the level that ought to be reached, and when film people discuss systems to censor, the best is through enacting laws. That is why we are trying to complete the motion picture law. During the interim period, discussions should be held on how to relax censorship further, to make it more convenient and to avoid problems. There are things that we are also discussing. Based on these discussions, we’ll find the best way to work according to existing laws, rules and regulations.
“MMPO members should also study the rules and regulations and find ways to increase freedom without breaking any rules and regulations. Suggest to us. Discuss. We will also cooperate to make the situation the best”, said the Union Minister.
Also, Pyithu Hluttaw Health and Sports Development Committee Secretary Dr. Than Win, Amyotha Hluttaw Government’s guarantees, Pledges and Undertaking Vetting Committee Chairman U Thein Swe and MPA Patron Sithu U Kyi Soe Tun delivered remarks on the Motion Picture Law, censorship policies and development of Myanmar’s movie industry.
Afterwards, Union Minister Dr. Pe Myint, senior officials of the Pyithu Hluttaw and Amyotha Hluttaw and officials in attendance, along with the MMPO patron, chairman, local and foreign movie personnel and producers took a commemorative group photo. This was followed by by MPA Chairman U Zin Wine, joint secretary Academy U Zaw Myint Oo from the directors’ circle, National University of Arts and Culture motion picture department head (retired) Academy Ko Ko Lay from the script circle and Myanmar movie development department head (retired) U Thein Tun Aung from the producers circle read papers, entitled “Future aim of the motion picture circle,” “The censorship policy and the wish of motion picture personnel,” “Study on censorship policies and suggestions” and “Views that censor board members ought to have on censorship related to creative art works.”
Afterwards, Union Minister Dr. Pe Myint commented on the discussions.
In the afternoon, Head of Censorship of CH3 from Thailand Mr. Prapat Supthaveethanakij, Korea Media Rating Board Director-General Choon Sung, Ms. Minhee Kim on behalf of HAM, Ms. Elizabeth Rose Siguion-Reyna, Philippines Board Member of MTRCB, The Close-Captioning Committee and Ms Atty Maria Gabriela Concepcion, Philippines Board Member of MTRCB of the Revision of Laws Committee Member of the Adjudication Committee (MTRCB) participated in the Forum.
The discussions were attended by officials from Pyithu Hluttaw and Amyotha Hluttaw, MMPO patron, chairman and movie artistes, technicians, producers, foreign movie personnel and invited guests. Discussions and training focusing on the development of Myanmar’s movie industry, will be held five times this year, while the Forum on the Transformation of Censorship met for the first time.—(Myanmar News Agency)

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