UNFC Chairman U N’Ban La addresses opening of Union Peace Conference—21st Century Panglong

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CHAIRMAN of the United Nationalities Federal Council U N’Ban La, who is also the Vice Chairman of Kachin Independence Organisation, extended greetings at the opening ceremony of the 21st Century Panglong Union Peace Conference held at the Myanmar International Convention Centre-2 in Nay Pyi Taw on Wednesday.
In his welcoming speech the KIO Vice Chairman thanked those concerned for organising the conference that brought all stakeholders to work together toward the establishment of a democratic federal Union inspired by putting an end to decades-long armed conflicts.
Recounting the 1947 Panglong Agreement, he expressed his view that the Panglong Agreement, emboldened with Panglong spirit and pledges, was a real milestone for the country that causes it to stand taller in the world despite the fact that the agreement did not include all and a federal Union that provide ethnic minorities with democracy, equality and self-determination has not been realised yet.
He affirmed that no ethnic group wants to secede from the country but want to establish a democratic federal Union on mutual understanding, cooperation and respects.  He stressed the need to seek a compromise through negotiations at the first conference and in future without making the Panglong spirit or agreement weaker.
He called for qualities of endurance, goodwill, mutual trust, understanding and forgiveness.
It is high time to strive to shape the future of the country which is still poor despite its abundant natural resources, he said.
He also emphasised the need to uphold the interests of the people and highlighted the importance of equality to move all stakeholders to work together.

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