UN warns Myanmar to expect higher death toll from floods, landslides

Tatmadawmen uploading relief supplies on board the aircraft of Air Force to provide them to flood victims in Rakhine State.
Tatmadawmen uploading relief supplies on board the aircraft of Air Force to provide them to flood victims in Rakhine State.

The United Nations warned Friday that the death toll from flash floods and landslides in Myanmar is set to be higher.
The worst-hit areas have not yet been reached by assessment teams, meaning the number of people affected may be “significantly higher,” according to a statement of the coordination of humanitarian affairs (OCHA).
President U Thein Sein promised that the government would make utmost efforts to provide aid to flood victims across the country, with declaration of worst-hit four states and regions — the Magway and Sagaing regions and Chin and Rakhine states — disaster zones.
Relief aids were shipped to Rakhine State on Sunday where has been hit by floods a few days ago resulted by the cyclonic storm Komen.
Landslides triggered by torrential rain in Chin State on Sunday, according to a resident.
However, the hilly state has been left cut off from surrounding areas, he added.
Landslides severely damaged Haka, the capital city of Chin State, leaving around 700 homes destroyed.
There was no casualties in the disaster as residents had to managed themselves to escape from landslides, said a resident.
The government would expedite efforts to clear roads and send emergency goods to the Chin State.
Many parts of the country has been hit by flooding and landslides over the last few weeks, resulting from monsoon rains throughout July.
Conditions worsened considerably after Cyclone Komen brought strong winds and heavy rains when it made landfall earlier this week.
Meanwhile, most of the country’s rivers have reached above and at their danger level, said the Meteorology and Hydrology Department.
The weather bureau also forecast that regionally heavy rainfalls are expected over the country.
Ministry of Livestock, Fisheries and Rural Development announced Sunday that if necessary, it would cooperate with UN agencies and other organizations to assist in providing emergency aids to the country’s livestock breeding sector.
In its announcement, the ministry said it has formed teams to carry out preventive measures against infectious diseases among drought cattle and given vaccines to them.
Vaccines and medicines have already sent to the flood-hit areas, the announcement said.

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