Tomato growers receive good price for latest harvest

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Woman selling tomatoes on the street market.  Photo: Aye Min Soe

THE month of December saw an increase in prices of tomatoes produced in Aunglan Township, Thetyet District, Magway Region, growers say.
“We continue to receive a handsome price for the marketable kitchen crop this harvest season which is higher than that of last year. Based on the size, quality, freshness and species, the prices of tomato are between Ks500 and Ks700 per viss (a viss is equivalent to 3.6 pounds) in the domestic market,” said U San Lynn, one of local tomato producers.
Tomatoes, a popular kitchen crop, is widely used as the main ingredient for many traditional dishes in the country. In Aunglan Township, tomatoes have mostly been grown in villages along Moekaung Creek and Bwokegyi Creek in the cold season. The fresh tomatoes are usually sent to the wholesale markets in nearby towns.
“Despite an increase in prices of tomatoes at the present time, growers worry that they may experience a decline in the prices of tomato again that they experienced in previous years. At the time, we received only Ks50 per viss and lost production costs,” said U San Lynn.
Normally, an acre of tomato plantation costs approximately Ks500,000, he added.
The crop is famous for its health benefits. According to an international study, tomatoes provide antioxidant protection against cancer, strengthen the heart and prevent constipation.


Shwe Khine

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