It’s time to increase support for our farmers

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  • Rural population which makes up 70 per cent of the nation’s total population is the “backbone of our agro-based country.
    That is why the Union Government has speeded up its efforts for guaranteeing farmer rights, protection and farmers’ interests.
    The government has given priority to promoting the socio-economic welfare of farmers in rural areas, with special emphasis on ensuring more job opportunities and increased incomes, as well as easy access to education, health, potable water, and better transportation networks as part of measures designed for rural development and poverty reduction.
    The Protecting Rights and Enhancing Economic Welfares of Farmers law is central to speeding up the establishment of rules and regulations needed to carry out the processes.
    The law focuses on the provision of agricultural loans, technical assistance for increased productivity, sales of agricultural products at reasonable prices, protection of the rights of small-holder farmers and promotion of their welfare, and assistance for damages caused by natural disasters.
    But, the current era demands that the law be amended to be in conformity with the current situation and circumstances.
    To implement the provisions prescribed in the farmers’ rights protection and interest promotion law, the government, traders, experts and people need to work together.
    To effectively promote the interests of livestock farmers and cultivators in the regions and states, it is important to have short-term and long-term future visions for them.
    It is necessary to invite private entrepreneurs for the seed production and quality crop production, and internal and external banks need to be linked in order to acquire the necessary investments.
    Five essential aims in the law for protecting the rights and enhancing the economic welfare of farmer are: a) support farmers with suitable loans; b) provide assistance for production; c) promote investment and technology to increase production; d) ensure prices for their agricultural products in the market; e) and to offer support for the grievances and losses caused by natural disasters as much as possible.
    But, it is very important for our country which is weak in performing research for the agriculture sector to do research on climate change and its impacts on the agricultural sector.
    To help our farmers, today is the time to find new farming techniques, including crop spacing methods, drought resistant crop selection, water conservation and environmentally sensitive livestock husbandry practices.
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