There will be no excuse on drug matters

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  • The dramatic increase in the production and seizure of drugs in Myanmar is evidence that drug abuse has become the epidemic of our time. But, concerted efforts on the part of the authorities give us reason to hope that the problem of drugs will be eliminated in the future.
    Myanmar is facing a drug problem. In 2017, poppy was cultivated on 41,000 hectares of land to produce 550 metric tons of opium. In 2018, poppy acreage dropped to 37,300 hectares, a decline of 9.1 per cent from the previous year. Opium production also declined 5.45 per cent to reach 520 metric tons. However, the drug problem escalated due to increased production of stimulants and ICEs, and traffickers smuggling drug precursors from the borders of neighbouring countries.
    As the new generation is vulnerable to drugs and endangered by them, it is vital that the public intensify the fight against drugs with comprehensive measures, considering it a national duty.
    Like other countries in the world, Myanmar cannot solve this problem overnight. But, we are committed to eliminating opioid abuse in the country.
    We are aware that no single country alone can resolve drug-related problems, and we need to increase cooperation with neighboring countries to prevent narcotics use and trafficking.
    In the fight against drug trafficking in our country, there has been effective action to a certain extent on account of people filing complaints and providing drug-related information to the authorities through a hotline office, established in June, 2018.The Drug Enforcement Police have, up to the present, conducted 25 special operations in drug hotspots and seized a significant amount of heroin and other drugs.
    The authorities must focus on targeting kingpins who control the business. But, better results can be attained if people provide more information on large-scale production, distribution, and trafficking to the authorities.
    Hence, we would like to urge people to report and provide information on drugs and drug trafficking, especially detailed information and intelligence on major drug syndicates and drug producers. They must also report officials who are turning a blind eye to drug cases and corrupt officials so that action can be taken against them. We would also like to urge the Regional and State governments and administrative bodies at all levels to abide by the policy:“There will be no excuse on drug matters”.

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