The Spirit of Democracy


We must have the resolute determination and the confident capability to turn heaven and earth upside down in order to win victory.
– Anonymous
Spirit means:
(1)    An individual (a brave spirit)
(2)    Disposition; mood (high spirits)
(3)    Vivacity, courage, etc.
(4)    Enthusiastic loyalty (school spirit)
(5)    True intention: the spirit of the law
(6)    An essential quality or prevailing tendency (the spirit of the times)
The Spirit of Democracy, here, means: Enthusiastic loyalty to democracy; animated courage for democracy; democracy spirit.
Democracy means:
(1)     (di māk´ rasē) Greak dēmos, the people + kratein, to rule:
Meaning government by the people directly or through representatives.
(2)    a country, etc. with such government; (3) equality         of rights, opportunity and treatment.

 – Webster’s Dictionary
Let’s now explore some more meanings of SPIRIT as follows:
S    for    Sincere Belief In Democracy
P    for    Passion For Democracy
I    for    Insight Into Democracy
R    for    Revolutionary Reforms For Democracy
I    for    Integrity-driven
T    for    Total Democracy Leadership
In establishing democracy, sincere belief in democracy is imperative. Sincere means without deceit or pretence. Sincere also means genuine. Belief means conviction that things are true. Belief also means religious faith. It can also means trust or confidence. Some other meanings of belief are: a creed, tenet, an opinion, expectation.
So, all the people who really want to build democracy should have genuine conviction in democracy. They must have trust and confidence in democracy with all their minds, with all their hearts, with all their strengths. It said in the Bible that if you have faith as a grain of mustard seed, you can remove the mountain.
When you earnestly consider “how to get want you want”, there are two parts: “What You Want”; and “How To Get”. What you want is your objective. Objective means: something aimed at. So, your objective is your aim. To actually realize your aim, you must have the ways and means of getting what you want. That ways and means is called strategy. So, if you want democracy, you must also have the strategy of getting it. In other words, you have got to devise ways and means of establishing democracy.
After you have a sincere belief in democracy, you should have the burning desire to get it. That tremendous desire to live and move and have your being in democracy is your passion for democracy. Passion for democracy means you must want to build democracy badly enough. It means you cannot rest until you get it. It means you live democracy and you breathe democracy. In other words, you must be crazy for democracy.
In building democracy, the following four factors of success must be brought into play:
•    The burning desire for democracy
•    The indomitable spirit to build democracy
•    The unyielding effort to establish democracy
•    Insight Wisdom to live in democracy
In establishing democracy, insight is very important. Insight means: the ability to see and understand clearly the inner nature of things. With insight, you can penetrate the forms and the colours and see through them the inner content or essence of things. With insight, you see through, you see the core, the spirit or the essential. With insight, you can distinguish between.
•    Cause & Effect
•    Means & End
•    Seed & Fruit
•    Light & Shade
•    Right & Wrong
•    Good & Bad
•    Righteous & Wicked
•    Compassionate & Cruel
•    Wisdom & Ignorance
With the sincere spirit of democracy, the following reforms should be achieved with might and main. Reforms, here, means: Correction of faults and weaknesses, and taking initiatives for improvements. Revolutionary means: the fervent will to make radical and basic transformational changes in:
•    Political Reforms
•    Economic Reforms
•    Educational Reforms
•    Socio-Cultural Reforms
•    Technological Reforms
•    Eco-environmental Reforms
The spirit of democracy must be cemented by the genuine will to serve the people and the whole country. All the democratic forces at the vanguard of the democracy movement should be solidly embedded in:
•    Patriotic Fervour
•    Selfless Service
•    Altruistic Spirit, ruthlessly destroying the egoistic passion for power, position, prestige, possessions and pride. All self-serving practices must be vehemently opposed and eliminated.
All the democratic forces must:
•    Serve the people and the country
•    Love the people and the country
•    Never hurt the people and the country
•    Ever uplift the people and the country
With the tremendous spirit of democracy, total democracy leadership should be boldly launched with might and main for the following results:
•    Personal democracy practices
•    Interpersonal democracy practices
•    Financial democracy practices
•    Operational democracy practices
•    Managerial democracy practices
•    Organizational democracy practices
•    National democracy practices
The Total Democracy Leadership should proactively follow and creatively practice the following Eight Principles of War or Contest:
•    The Principle of Objective
•    The Principle of Concentration
•    The Principle of Offensive
•    The Principle of Cooperation
•    The Principle of Economy of Force
•    The Principle of Security
•    The Principle of Surprise
•    The Principle of Mobility
In every hard struggle such as a struggle for life and death, the spirit or morale is very important. Besides a good strategy, patience, persistence and common sense, an indomitable spirit can be the deciding factor for success or failure.
In total democracy leadership the following are some of the maxims or sayings that can lift your spirit in time of trouble:
•    My head is bloody but unbowed; I’m the master of my fate and I’m the captain of my soul.
•    Be strong inside, permit no defeat and fight all you can.
•    Never give up, never give in; stand up to it, and fight it through to victory.
•    Be resolute, fear no sacrifice and surmount all difficulties to win victory.
•    Think the most, feel the noblest and act the best.
•    To dare nobly, to will strongly and never to falter in the path of duty.
•    Be strong and of good courage. Be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed.
•    Be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid.
•    Keep on keeping on, no matter how hard the going may be.
•    To strive, to seek, to find and not to yield.
•    This to me is life. That, if life be a burden, I’ll join to make it but the burden of a song.
The following are the Four Strands of War or Contest:
•    The Quality and Capability of the Leadership
•    The Quality and Capability of the Followers
•    Morale
•    Resources
All ends well that ends well.
Long live democracy!

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