The public’s cooperation is the key in winning the battle against COVID-19

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Amidst the global COVID-19 outbreak, those citizens facing difficulties in foreign countries are returning to the Motherland with great hope for protection.
It is heartening to see that the authorities have welcomed them with healthcare programmes and arrangements by authorities, to the best of their abilities, in order to prevent the spread of covonavirus throughout the country.
So far, 1,223 Myanmar citizens stranded in foreign countries, including Japan, India, the Republic of Korea, Thailand, Bangladesh, Singapore, the USA, Britain, Indonesia and UAE, have been flown back to Myanmar.
Our dear brethern, you are now in the Motherland and feel safe and secure. According to the health guidelines, all returnees coming home on flights or via land borders need to go though temperature checks upon entry. If they have no fever, and are not persons under investigation or persons under surveillance, they would still need a medical check-up.
Those with medical problems would be referred to a hospital, while those free of infection would be sent to designated places for quarantine.
If those entering the country have fevers, they will be taken directly to a hospital.
In this time of crisis, all returnees are responsible to abide by the directives and health guidelines on COVID-19 issued by the authorities.
The total number of COVID-19 cases, which reached 180 on Sunday, cannot be considered “high”, in comparison with other countries. This means that, so far, we have contained the spread of the coronavirus.
We have achieved success in containing COVID-19 due to sacrifices made by all people, along with relentless administrative actions.
But, we are annoyed over reports of some violations by people, upon their return in different parts of the country, who are supposed to be under quarantine.
Legal action has been initiated against those who do not abide by orders and do not comply with mandatory quarantine regulations.
The best way we can protect ourselves and our family members is to abide by COVID-19 orders and health guidelines.
All we can do is comply and help our families and neighbors, as much as possible.
Let us again convey the message from the State Counsellor to all of our people.
The people cooperating is the key. This situation is not easy for anyone.

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