The Best Times for a Breast-fed Baby

By Aye Phyu

#    From an embryo to a fetus
Inside a world completely dark
For about nine months I stayed
While, with a rhythmic chant, time ticked away
#    Nowhere could I roam
When, with a sudden ‘boom’
Crashed was my tiny cosy room
And I was thrown into a strange world soon
#    Silhouettes of all shapes
Clad mostly in long drapes
Not a single one could I gape
Far away, I wanted only to escape
#    Everything’s extremely bright
The whole world full of light
Gripped with so much fright
I shut my eyes pretty tight
#    Stripped off warmth and security
In no time, feeling cold and hungry
I greatly yearned for anything
To bring those back to my feelings
#    Then I was handed onto someone
Who clasped me in her arms
Fed me from her bosom
For sure, kept me secured and warm
#    Mornings and evenings rush in and go
Nights and days I quickly came to know
Over time I started to grow
With bits of memories well in store
#    For me, the breastfeeding times are the best
The most memorable and the happiest
My secured feelings, warmest and coziest
Through all the tender cuddling and caresses
With the person of whom I’m fondest

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