Telecommunication services and the public

[dropcap color=”#1e73be” font=”0″]P[/dropcap]eople in Myanmar are using more mobile phones than ever with new telecom companies providing services in the Myanmar market and SIM cards prices have dropped to
K 1,500 from about K 1.5 million.
With affordable SIM cards, some people use more than one mobile phone as the newcomers’ networks are not as comprehensive as the oldest mobile phone operator in Myanmar while the formers’ Internet services are better than the latter.
Moreover, with fierce competition among the mobile operators, they offer various services and bonuses to mobile phone users who want the best services at the cheapest prices. They use one SIM card each from the three operators that offer different services and bonuses from one another and have to carry more than one mobile handset. However, mobile phones transmit radio waves, some of which are absorbed by the body.
Although there is no evidence of health problems from using mobile phones, maximum levels of energy absorption by the body are set differently by different governments to protect the public from possible health problems. In the US, the Federal Communication Commission set the maximum level at 1.6 watt/kg while the EU set the maximum level at 2 watt/kg.
Carrying more than one mobile phone will surely increase the amount of radiation from two to three times. Scientists who conducted research on health effects of mobile phones may not have expected a person to use more than one mobile phone. It is expected that people will use only one SIM card of their choice when all operators provide the most reliable services at the cheapest prices.

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