Teachers can bring education’s light to the whole country


The National Education Strategy has been drawn up to ensure that knowledge and wisdom taught in schools can fulfil the needs of the political, social and economic sectors of the country. In other words, our education system must be helpful to teach students to rely on themselves for their livelihoods in the future.
To measure whether the implementation of the strategy has been a success, we have to take the results of the matriculation examinations into account.
When we review the results of the 2018-2019 academic year, it found some satisfactory things, such as rising scores in science and mathematics, and that most outstanding students are from private schools. But, unequal passing rate differences remain the same between regions and states, showing that we need to make greater efforts in educational reforms.
We appreciate the role of private schools, but for a secure future and the stability of the country’s socio-economy, the government schools should possess a high capacity which can produce as many outstanding students as possible.
An education system which can provide the majority of people with the best education can bring development and stability to the country.
To achieve this, the government alone can not do it. We need cooperation from teachers, parents and the public. And teachers play the first and most important role in promoting the capacity of schools, which face limitations in a developing country.
The future of the country lies in education, and teachers lie at the heart of quality education.
Teachers’ achievements can be judged by encouraging students to develop critical thinking and logical reasoning skills, moving them beyond memorisation, and helping them become good and responsible people.
It is essential that teachers not lie to their students, and teachers should treat all pupils like their own children.
If a child is happy to attend a school, even if it is lacking in proper facilities, then that school can be termed as successful.
The government will help with whatever budget it can afford for schools, but it is equally important for teachers to ensure students have an enjoyable and engaging learning environment.
The main resource of a country is its people. Our children are like our bank savings, when it comes to our future.
That’s why we would like to implore teachers to work hard, reaching beyond the level of “dutiful” and upholding the mind set that they can bring the light of education to the whole country.

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