Shan State govt decides not to hold Taunggyi hot-air balloon festival this year

Shan State government has decided not to launch his year Taunggyi hot-air balloon festival, which is one of the significant festivals in Shan State, according to the Shan State government cabinet regular meeting.
Because of COVID-19 pandemic, the festivals including Tazaungdaing are not celebrated to avoid crowding of the people, according to the Shan State government.
The Tazaungdaing hot-air balloon festival will not be organized this year due to the outbreak of pandemic, said an officer from the Shan State Traditional Hot-air Balloons Association.
The Tazaungdaing Hot-Air Balloon Festival is celebrated for ten days annually. In 2019, it was celebrated for nine days from 4 November to 12 November. Many travellers were visiting the first day of the festival, and it is one of the famous festivals in Myanmar.
Among Tazaungdaing festivals, Taunggyi’s hot-air balloons and firework-launching competition is the most prominent festival. The origin of Taunggyi’s hot-air balloons contest dates back to 1894 when the British first held the hot air balloon competitions in Taunggyi. —Zin Yaw Aye(Translated by Hay Mar)

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