Tatmadaw Steadfastly Taking Part in National Development Plans

Performances of the Tatmadaw in the second year of government in office

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Union Minister for Defence Lt. General Sein Win and ASEAN Ministers for Defence pose for documentary photo at the 11th ASEAN Defence Ministers’ Meeting (ADMM) in the Philippines. Photo: MNA

Born of the independence struggles, Myanma Tatmadaw (Armed Forces) has been sacrificing its life and limb in discharging national defence duties. In like fashion, it is, in every role it has been assigned, actively participating in national development plans. In doing so, it pays special attention to emergence of strong, efficient and patriotic armed forces which can defend the nation and its citizens effectively.
Union Minister for Defence Lt-Gen Sein Win attended 11th ASEAN Defence Ministers’ Meeting (ADMM), and 4th ADMM Plus and related meetings from 22nd to 25th October 2017 in Clark, Republic of the Philippines. He shared views with other defence ministers on defence and security to contribute to international and regional developments, security and peace.

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Members of the Tatmadaw unloading aid and supplies for those affected by Cyclone Mora off a military plane at Sittway Airport in Rakhine State. Photo: MNA

Similarly, the defence minister attended ADMM Retreat held from 5th to 7th February 2018 in Singapore and discussed cooperation among ASEAN countries against spreading of terrorism which posed danger to international and regional security and stability.
In line with Section 341, Chapter VII of the Constitution which states, “The Defence Services shall render assistance when calamities that affects the Union and its citizens in the Union.” the Tatmadaw is taking preventive measures against disaster, disaster mitigation measures, rescue and rapid response and participating in rehabilitation and resettlement tasks. Moreover, the Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services has ordered his men to reach disaster-hit areas at once to render assistance without waiting any orders, and he exhorted them to take tough trainings like other armies to be able to response in a short time against every danger including natural disaster befall on the country and its citizens.
The Tatmadaw provided rescue and rehabilitation assistance in time to victims of fire, storm, flood and earthquake in the second year in office of the government. Families of Tatmadaw men have also provided the victims with cash, foods and consumer goods. Such works include the Tatmadaw taking security measures in seven regions and states in time of fire breaking out, moving 185 households to save haven, taking part in rescue tasks and providing rescue and aid items worth 7.8 million kyat. From 2016 to this day, the Tatmadaw has taken security measures in nine regions and states where fire broke out, and during the catastrophe, the Tawmadaw moved 765 household to safer places and provided rescue and aid items worth over 21 million kyat to victims.

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Military members of Western Command repair work of the road after torrential rains cause severe flooding and landslides on the Yangon-Sittway road.  Photo: MNA

Storms hit seven regions and states and damaged religious edifies and houses. Tatmadaw members cleared 6 Cetis, 36 monasteries, 714 houses, 36 schools and 3 hospitals. In the rehabilitation works Tatmadaw aircrafts airlifted 19.50 tons of goods and rescue items worth 35 million kyat. From 2016 to this day, Tatmadaw cleansed 950 pagodas, 94 monasteries, 5401 houses, 100 schools, and 8 hospitals in addition to providing assistance worth over 152 million kyat.
In 14 regions and states, torrential rains caused flooding and the Tatmadaw took part in moving 4074 households to save havens and providing assistance worth 18 million kyat. From 2016 to this day, Tatmadaw moved 11851 households of flood victims to safer places, and Tatmadaw aircrafts airlifted 127 tons of goods, and rescue items worth 137 million kyat.
To rebuild pagodas and religious edifies hit by earthquake in Bagan in 2016 August, Tatmadaw organized second donation ceremony in April 2017 in which over 94 million kyat were donated. Altogether donation of 892 million kyat was made till today.
Myanmar Navy rescued 42 storm victims using 6 Navy vessels. As a humanitarian work, two vessels of Myanmar Navy shifted 165.646 tons of goods to Rakhine State for victims hit by Cyclonic storms. For the rescue and assistance providing work, Tatmadaw spent 309 million kyat to provide assistance to victims in the second year in office of the government.
As the Tamadaw is building itself to become strong, efficient and patriotic Tatmadaw, it is recruiting skilled youths, paying special attention to prevention against children from recruitment. In doing so, the Tatmadaw is participating in joint activities on prevention against under aged children from recruiting under the agreement between the government and United Nations Country Task Force on Monitoring and Reporting (UNCTFMR).
Under Letter No. 112/2/8/Government Office dated 11-5-2016, Committee for Prevention Against Children from Recruitment was formed with 12 members. With the cooperation of UNCTFMR, the government has taken the following measures in the second year in office:
(a) Holding meetings 49 times
(b) Monitoring Visits to 85 regiments/units
(c) 67 were released and handed over to parents/guardians on 23-6-2017 (altogether 877 were released)
(d) Course on prevention against children from recruitment were conducted once in two months. Altogether 29580 officers and other ranks have taken the courses. Military actions have been taken against 18 officers and 29 other ranks who have recruited child soldiers.
(e) Bone X-ray method has been applied to divide child from grownups in recruiting and 4315 recruits have received the examination.
Myanmar Tatmadaw is rigidly following rules described in Action Plan in cooperation with UNCTFMR.
The Tatmadaw allowed a request made by CTFMR on using National Campaign Materials for the next time. The materials were aired from TV and radios of the State and published in papers, starting from 9-5-2017. Tatmadaw is cooperating fully with CTFMR for removing it from the list of countries using child soldiers.
The Tatmadaw is performing its three main duties namely national defence, training and serving the interest of people. As regard serving interest of people, its medical units are sent to remote areas to provide health care starting from 2012. In 2017, 535470 local people received treatments and of them, 3363 were admitted to military hospitals. Another 17210 were received treatments for various diseases.
Specialists, medical officers and nursing officers made field trips to remote and far-flung areas including Cocogyun and Hainggyikyun. During the trips, 16312 patients received treatments.
In addition to the above-mentioned achievements, military doctors provided health care to 11431 IDPs in Rakhine State from 24 April 2017 to 10 March 2018. From 1 April 2017 to 17 December, hospital boat Shwepazun sailed to Ayeyawady Region, and gave treatment to 18676 people.
People living in twenty two townships in Chin State and Naga areas are no exception in receiving treatments provided military medical experts. Myanmar and India co-chaired ADMM Plus Experts’ Working Group on Military Medicine. Myanmar hosted 1st ASEAN Military Medicine Conference from 18 to 22 February 2018 at Melia Hotel.
In building Standard Army, endowed with military, administrative and organizational capabilities of each and individual soldiers plays an important role. To realize the goal, trainings are conducted at training depots, schools, institute and universities of the Tatmadaw. Moreover, Mobile Training Team from India Army is lecturing UN Peacekeeping subject to officers and other ranks of the Tatmadaw.
During the second year in office of the government, two batches at officers’ training courses for graduate women have been opened and two courses for lady doctors and dentists were conducted. For human resource development, Tatmadaw men are sent to Japan, China and Russia to do on Master and Doctorate degrees. One of the significant performances of the Tatmadaw is sending its officers to UN Peacekeeping Force in South Sudan and Liberia.
In this age of launching multi-sectoral warfare, people militia strategy is to be developed and practiced hand in hand with the Tatmadaw and the people. Security no longer means just military affairs as it related to political, economic and social affairs. Global situations prove the fact that people’s participation is essential. In this regard, trainings at University Training Corps (UTC) are conducted to build reserved force.
In 2017-2018 academic year, 1895 UTC members were trained by No.1 UTC from 13-2-2018 to 29-8-2018; 1028 by No. 2 UTC; 394 by UTC 3; 608 by UTC 4 and 345 by UTC 6 totaling 4270. To be able to appoint faculty members of the respective universities as gazetted officers, Advisory Committee chose suitable persons and appointed as officers and considered their promotion. From 2013 t0 2017, altogether 22 faculties of UTC membership were appointed. UTCs will surely produce good citizens endowed with defence concepts who are eager to defend their motherland.
The Tatmadaw, upholding Our Three Main National Causes, is performing its national defence duties and participating in national development plans with might and main.

(Translated by Wallace)

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