Swollen Thanlwin River inundates dozens of villages in Hpa-an Township

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Cars crawling in the flooded road in Hpa-an. Photo: Hpa-an IPRD

Overflow water from the Thanlwin River has submerged nine wards and 26 village-tracts in Hpa-an Township, forcing about 20 schools to be closed yesterday.
The overflowing river has also inundated roads and caused traffic chaos on some sections of the Hpa-an-Zarthapyin Road.
Over 9,000 people from flood-hit areas are sheltering at 12 shelters.
“About 47 villages have been submerged. Of them, some villages in the Kamamaung in Hapun District are facing serious situation,” said Ko Phyo Wai Satt, a local resident who is volunteering for fighting against the flooding in Hpa-an.
The low-lying areas have been inundated and the main road linking Wabodaw and Hapun have been submerged in three feet of floodwater, causing grave hardships to residents.
Firefighters and red cross members have evacuated the people from the flood-hit areas.

The Thanlwin River
The water level of the Thanlwin River has reached over four feet above its danger level at Hpa-an yesterday. The Meteorology and Hydrology Department announced yesterday that the water level is expected to fall about one food next two days.
Meanwhile, torrential rain Pantanaw, Ayeyawady Region, pushed the Ayayawady River in Pantanaw into rising, forcing two schools to be closed.

The Sittoung River
The water level of the Sittoung River has reached over two foot above its danger level yester, and the water level is expected to fall next two days, but to remain its danger level, said the weather bureau in its yesterday’s flood bulletin.

The Bago River
The water level of the Bago River at Bago is observed at about one and half feet below its danger level, but it is expected to reach its danger level next two days.
The department has advised the people living near the river banks and low-lying areas to be alerted to the floods and to keep informed of rising water in the rivers.

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