Support the rule of law to strengthen our democracy

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Democracy is a government of, by, and for the people. Thus, the task of upholding a democratic system and federal rights also lies in the hands of the people.
Democracy is a system that provides freedom, security, and happiness to the citizens. As our country comprises many ethnic nationals, a Union could not be established without the participation of the ethnic nationals.
As we are determined to establish a Democratic Federal Republic, the government has been holding meetings to ensure all responsible persons work together to carry out the work of reform and transition smoothly.
The establishment of a Democratic Federal Republic can be successful only with the participation of officials from the executive, legislative, and judicial pillars in the reform and transition works. CSOs, NGOs, and the media need to provide assistance and support in this endeavor, and only then can there be success.
At present, there are a number of requirements that we need to fulfil and work we need to carry out for the people and our country. The time has come for us to unite to solve the problems of the people, remove instability and anxiety due to conflicts, and give the people a safe and secure future.
That is why the rule of law needs to be upheld. The administrative system of the executive pillar of a democracy supports the rule of law. In the same way, the administrative machinery must protect human rights. Only then can we reach our goal of establishing a democracy.
A democracy can be firm and strong only through the establishment of a humane society that provides justice to all. A democracy can be firm and strong only when there is rule of law. The rule of law, democratic rights, and human rights are interlinked. Without rule of law, democratic rights would be lost.
To avoid becoming a burden to the people, the country’s administrators need to curb corruption, set aside personal interests, and carry out their duties in accordance with the laws, rules and regulations, and procedures of the nation.
Corruption needs to be eliminated to establish a clean administrative mechanism.
As reforms begin at the individual level, the authorities concerned must adopt strong convictions for reforms.
We must all discharge the historic duties placed on our shoulders. We would like to urge all responsible persons to strive together for a democracy with collective strength.

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