Striking workers warned of legal action if they break the law


Authorities have warned striking workers in Hlinethaya Township not to violate the law or they will face legal action as labour disputes between the workers and employers are on negotiation table.
Blocking the entrance to factories and disturbing other workers by striking workers during the protests are not acceptable and have reached beyond the tolerance of authorities, said U Htin Aung, deputy minister for Labour, Employment and Social Security, at a negotiation meeting between representatives of workers, owners of the factories and officials of the ministry in Yangon.
If they (workers and owners of the factories) cannot reach agreement during negotiations, they can go to the Dispute Settlement Arbitration Council, he added.
The striking workers sought better pay in early days of their strikes, but later they are off their original course, threatening to disturb the community peace, an official of the Hlinethayar Township General Administration Department claimed.
Workers from Eland Myanmar Garment Factory, Costec Garment Factory, Ford Glory Garment Factory, and Red Stone Garment Factory are striking against the employers, seeking fair wages and their basic salaries and allowances for high living costs.
“We are urging our factory to increase our basic salary from K30,000 to K60,000 and our monthly allowance for high living cost to K20,000,” said Thidar Pyone, a worker from the Red Stone Garment Factory.
The disputes between the workers from Hang Jin Garment Factory and Chamzom Garment Factory and the owners of the factories have been solved at the negotiations table recently, according to the Factories and General Labour Laws Inspection Department.–GNLM

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