Stimulate interest in reading to widen intellectual horizons

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  • Public libraries and school libraries are very important for the development of young minds. The next generation can learn a lot from libraries.
    Young people can take advantage of numerous learning opportunities available in a library. There are a lot of educational sessions held on numerous topics. Modern libraries should be a great place to learn, with the help of professional librarians. Libraries are not just about books and reading; they are also about events and using modern technology. The only limits to learning are one’s vision and creativity.
    Our government has an ambition to develop libraries in our country.
    By promoting libraries throughout our country, particularly school libraries, we shall not only be providing a necessary aid for the development of basic education, but also an instrument for cultivating a love of literature, social sciences, history and humanities among our people.
    Reading is fundamental to meaningful communication, not just across cultures but across the ages, giving us access to the past, the present and the future, all at the same time.
    But a love of reading must be instilled in children at an early age, when we can provide them with magic carpets and spaceships that will carry them across physical and mental barriers to new, challenging worlds.
    The Union Government aims at establishing a strong library culture in our society, and the level of enthusiasm is high.
    In this knowledge age, the role of libraries is changing. They have been identified as one of the key elements for open access to information. By providing a gateway to knowledge and culture, libraries and librarians play a significant role in encouraging citizens to participate in the transformation of society.
    The majority of Myanmar’s population, about 70 per cent, live in rural areas, making it essential to provide access to information for citizens who have no library facilities in their wards and villages.
    There have been increased interest in public libraries as people begin to realize that knowledge stems from them. Reading can change a life for the better. That is why rural libraries are currently being upgraded.
    People in rural areas have less access to knowledge, and we believe that reading will lead to individual development and thus the development of the whole village. But a village library is often too small and not an attractive place for reading. These kinds of weaknesses are common in rural libraries.
    The government wishes to provide library services, particularly for those who live in rural areas. There must be a concerted, nationwide effort to spark an interest in reading so that the intellectual horizons of all our people can be broadened.
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