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  • It is important for a country to ensure the rule of law and security for each of its citizens. If they are only assured in some parts of the country, rather than the whole, then, not only would this be a cause for concern for most people, it would also undermine national stability and development.
    The judiciary needs to be upright and the rule of law needs to be enforced for security to be strong. The President has been reminding officials about these two factors ever since the civilian government took office. The President touched on this topic in his meeting with the Chin State Government in Haka City Hall, Chin State, on 21 February.
    “We must re-erect the judiciary. Democracy can only be sustainable if there is rule of law. Every citizen must be equal before the law. Only then will they be sheltered under the law. It is rule of law that will support internal peace. This is why democratic rights, human rights, and the rule of law are all interconnected. If one fails, then the others will be affected as well,” said the President.
    The rule of law and the judiciary are important for national development, peace, and prosperity, and to establish Myanmar as a respectable nation on the global stage. These two factors ensure the democratic world is kept on the right path and protect the society within the boundaries of the law.
    The rule of law has been enforced with seriousness in recent times, but it is regretful to see some people disparaging it. The peace of a region relies on a strong rule of law and disregarding the law can lead to grave consequences. The purpose of the law is to administer impartial justice to offenders and to deter them from committing similar transgressions again. If criminal activity is on the rise instead, then, the public would be right to be worried.
    This is the underlying reason for the President constantly reminding and urging officials, and pushing for a strong judiciary and rule of law. While human vices such as greed and anger can push people towards misdemeanors and criminal activities, the law and its firm enforcement can help direct people to cooperate and find alternative peaceful solutions instead.
    We urge everyone to heed the words of the President and work together to strengthen the judiciary, uphold the rule of law, and spread peace so that a genuine democratic federal Union can be successfully established in Myanmar.
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