State Counsellor writes in honour of her father and Myanmar language teacher from Rangoon University

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State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi wrote in honour of her father and a Myanmar language teacher from Rangoon University.
Following is the full-text of her message posted on her Facebook Account yesterday.
Yesterday I had quite a hard time with this iPad and Pali. Today I will not talk about COVID but about my father and Pali.
I want to talk about a certain subject. A little bit of relaxation on Saturday and Sunday.
This was related to me by an elderly gentleman who joined the Rangoon University in the same year as my father.
On that day, the freshers had to attend their first Burmese language class.
The Burmese Language teacher asked the students to write the Burmese alphabet from “Kagyi” to “Ah”. (A to Z).
When the students had finished writing their alphabets such as “Kagyi, Kha gwe ..” they had to show their written assignment to the teacher.
After reviewing all the written assignments the teacher remarked, “Only Maung Aung San could write the alphabets from beginning to end correctly.”
The education system of the colonial period did not place much importance on the Myanmar Language. What they called “products of the mission schools”.
Those who finished schools from the big cities could not write “ဋ၊ဌ၊ဍ၊ဎ၊” correctly.
(I’m not even sure whether this iPad would be able to render the fonts correctly).
Only my father, who attended the national schools and monastic schools and passed the matriculation examination with distinctions in Burmese and Pali, could write correctly.
They are familiar with – (ဋ၊ဌ၊ဍ၊ဎ).
I forgot to ask for the name of that teacher. This teacher who knew the value of a good foundation in teaching/learning a language, who is he I wonder.
I wish I knew.
(Translated by Kyaw Myaing)

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