Spirit of Unity is key to overcoming challenges

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A government elected by the people has a duty to carry out the equitable development of all regions in the country, in accordance with rules and regulations.
During its first year, the Union Government began the development of all sectors and reform works, in accord with the slogan “Time for Change,” and focused on creating jobs, improving road transport and making electricity more widely available.
In its second year, in accord with the slogan “Together with the People” the State’s affairs were conducted, along with the people. In the third year, as per the slogan “Collective Strength,” to ensure our collective existence and works were conducted with collective strength.
The incumbent government has marked nearly three years in office. Since taking office, the government has implemented the Myanmar Sustainable Development Plan – MSDP (2018-2030), which was drawn up with the aim of establishing a peaceful and flourishing democratic country.
When transitioning from an old system to a new system, as well as from an old age to a new age, difficulties and challenges will be encountered. But the establishment of a Democratic Federal Union, and achieving internal peace, will be successful if the people cooperate and participate.
The government achieved success in some areas, while others did not live up to its expectations. The government has to see such weaknesses truthfully, and hope and expect that it discovers where it was weak and correct any weaknesses.
The strengths and weaknesses are not only a lesson, but also a good practice for the country.
The government is striving towards strengthening and developing the national interest with uninterrupted concentration and unyielding efforts, and starting from this New Year to forthcoming years, opportunities will be grasped in the political, economic and social sectors.
While striving to take hold of the opportunities, there will be many challenges. Challenges in the economy, challenges in development, and many more. To overcome these challenges, we must start well, in order to ensure that it ends well.
Our country is a developing country. For a developing country to face a huge challenge is not a small thing. But we can face it with the collective strength of the people.

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