Speed up afforestation, fight illegal logging to avert impact of climate change

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  • The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation has banned logging in Bago Mountain Range starting from the 2017-2018 Fiscal Year for a period of 10 years and reduced the Annual Allowable Cut (AAC).
    The reason for the decade-long logging freeze in the Bago mountain ranges is to prevent the forest from extinction. Forestry conservation and reforestation will be conducted in those stricken areas in cooperation with the organizations concerned.
    In the current 2017-2018 FY, the Ministry produced only 55 per cent of the teak and 31 per cent of the hardwood compared to the output of the previous year.
    The illegal timber production and illegal firewood and timber collection have increased along the mountain ranges in Bago region in previous years, causing Myanmar to be the third-worst country for deforestation in the world.
    Due to deforestation in forest-covered areas, Myanmar experienced the worst weather in its history in 2015-2016, ranking 2nd among 187 countries in the global weather danger index.
    Hence, we need to speed up afforestation – the planting of trees in barren lands to increase the area under forests – and to fight illegal logging nationwide in attempts to avert the impact of the climate change.
    In the second one-year period, the Ministry confiscated 42,893.4316 tons of teak and hardwood and arrested 6,591 persons, including 19 foreigners. As part of efforts for greening the arid region, more than 3,888 acres of cultivation and 37,000 acres were designated as forest reserve.
    As part of the measures against deforestation and forest degradation, teak extraction is set to end in the Bago mountain ranges.
    Also, plans are underway to lay down 19 schemes which can contribute to the restoration of the trees across the country.
    The Ministry has made efforts to prevent illegal logging and to introduce the Community Monitoring Reporting System on a nationwide scale. llegal logging is a hindrance to development of the country.
    In addition to the devastating impact on the environment and biodiversity, illegal logging and forestry crime also contribute to billions in lost tax revenues for the governments.
    Prevention is better than arresting smugglers and
    confiscating logs. The participation of the people is playing a critical role in the country’s reforestation drive. We are all obliged to preserve our forests for posterity and for future generations. Intervene early before the trees are cut, and eventually save an entire forest.
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