Sound judgement more important than good luck


IT is imperative for Myanmar to maintain its political stability in order to ensure a free and fair election on 8 November. Activists have warned that simmering religious tensions and ethnic conflicts might become a source of instability with potential to avert the country from its path toward democratic reforms.
Political parties registered to contest the polls are permitted time to express their standpoints and future plans before the polling day. They will spend the time canvassing and campaigning for majority support in their constituencies. In addition, each party will be allowed an equal length of time to persuade voters through political broadcasts.
This means that we, the electorate, must open our eyes and ears wider than ever before while listening to their political broadcasts. The more we hear, the more we learn. The more we learn, the easier it is for us to make sensible decisions.
Experience has taught us how wrong decisions have had negative impacts on the future of both the persons involved and the people around them. As members of society, we are all responsible for bequeathing a safer and better society to posterity. In a sense, our votes are not just for our own future but for our children too.
Otherwise, posterity will point the finger of accusation at us and our names will be mud throughout the history. All in all, we must realise that great achievements are more by sound judgement than good luck.

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