Sitagu Sayadaw’s blessing marks completion of major milestone at Star City

Ceremony with Sitagu Sayadaw marks the completion of Star City Zone A sec 6

Yoma Strategic Holdings Ltd recently completed Zone A residential development of Thanlyin Star City. To mark this significant milestone, Sitagu Sayadaw Dr Ashin Nyanissara performed a blessing ceremony at Star City on Sunday. Sayadaw is well-known at home and abroad as the founder of the Sitagu International Buddhist Missionary Center.
Over the past months, all units in Zone A —around 950 units — have been handed over to its home owners. A number of these residents are followers of Sitagu Sayadaw and they were pleased to have their homes blessed by him. “We visit the monastery of Sitagu Sayadaw regularly and are devoted followers of his teachings. Today we are so pleased that the Sayadaw came to our community to bless us and our homes. It is a great initiative of Star City to celebrate the completion of Zone A community this way,” said U Myo Aye Aung, one of the residents.
More than 200 of home owners attended the ceremony to honour the monk. The blessing ceremony began at 9 am with the reverend Sayadaw chanting religious verses, followed by prayers from the audience. To celebrate this gratifying moment all attendance enjoyed a traditional meal together. After the meal, the Sayadaw visited the buildings of Zone A and blessed the homes.—GNLM

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