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To win the war against the spread of COVID-19 in our country, we need to mobilise faster than before to win the battle against the disease.
To do this, the Union Government has been inviting volunteers to take part in community-based facility quarantine services ,which require assistance from well-trained volunteers.
With the return of some 50 Myanmar migrant workers from Thailand yesterday, the Union Government resumed its well-practiced acceptance process. Only when the returnees from foreign countries are quarantined systematically, following the health guidelines, can we put our country on its current success trajectory to contain the COVID-19 disease.
The government hoped the number of returnees from foreign countries would exceed 100,000, with most arriving from Thailand and Malaysia.
The Union Government has requested the assistance of civil service societies and individual volunteers. Under the umbrella of the National Volunteer Corps, they will also be equipped with protective gear while volunteering.
We would like to urge those who have specialist expertise or skills to provide online courses and workshops in areas such as sports, arts, languages, health or how to prevent the spread of coronavirus.
Meanwhile, mental health professionals who have experience with senior citizens are also welcomed to take part.
As the rainy season is drawing near, the online teaching courses for the volunteers should also focus on other diseases, such as waterborne diseases, influenza, leptospirosis and dengue fever, which occur in the rainy season.
The responsibilities of volunteers should include providing support in medical and allied health practice and public health awareness, and other services, depending upon the situation at the quarantine centres.
They are required to work for the entire period of 21 days. They will also have to live at specific places for the 7-day recreation. They will have to do this work for a total of 28 days at least one time.
They are warmly invited to provide time, labour, skills and expertise.
We are confident that these measures would bring out the best in Myanmar citizens by giving them direction and opportunities to contribute in the war against COVID-19.

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