Shortage of fertilizer befalls Thabaung township after sales increase

Fertilizer bags.
Fertilizer bags.

Thabaung, a township in Ayeyawady Region, sees strong sales of farmland fertilizers and pesticides, since the start of the new year has caused a shortage in availability of the products, it is learnt from agricultural supply shops.
A combination of an increase in crop damage from pests this year, and the fact that the first months of the new year is when farmers fertilize their crops, has meant there is more of a usage and demand for fertilizers and pesticides.
“We’re having such goods sales of fertilizer at the minute, even to the point where well sometimes completely sell out of stock.” said Daw Min Thaung, owner of an agricultural store in Thabaung township.
The fertilizers brands quickest off the shelves are Palay, Tisupar and Shwe Nagar, while an average bag of fertilizer fetches between 20,000-26,000 kyats. However, the current trend in sales has bumped up the price of a bag by 2,000 kyats, it is known.
“As we’ve had good sales of paddy this year, we need to be sure to use fertilizer [on our crops] to be able to withstand damages from pests and insure a bountiful harvest for the coming year.” said U Thant Zaw Linn, from Hsate Thwar village.
The shortage in supplies of fertilizer can be attributed to a lack of large agricultural supplies in the main town and few wholesalers in rural areas, say agricultural store owners.
“In Thabaung right now, sales of fertilizer are good. We’re selling more than in the year previous. Supply can’t keep up with demand as there is only one [agricultural] shop per village.” said a paddy trader, U Ko Oo.
The township of Thabaung boasts 70 village tracts comprising over 490 villages, while the main business activity conducted in the region is agriculture with an average cultivation acreage of up to 100,000 acres.

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