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  • The Union Government established the Nationalities Youth Resource Development Degree College (Sagaing) for Capacity of to provide higher education and vocational education to ethnic nationals, in a bid to develop ethnic nationals, as well as for ethnic nationals to serve in the development of their own regions, in ways they see as best.
    On Tuesday, the college conferred arts degrees, science degrees and A.G.T.I (Associate Government Technical Institute) diploma degrees on 213 students from the 2017-2018 academic year.
    After graduating, it is important and necessary for the graduates to serve the country by using the knowledge obtained for the benefit of ethnic nationals, in developing their region and to conduct work to reduce poverty.
    It is also necessary to continue studying the subjects and information technologies taught at the degree college so that graduates keep up with the changing and forward moving technologies.
    As various ethnic nationals had lived and studied together at the degree college, graduates understand and have lived with one another. The degree college produces healthy graduates who are well versed in time management, systematic management, are avid readers, experienced in agriculture and breeding animals, and have wide ranging general knowledge. It is necessary to use these to formulate their own lives, with full regard to self, as well as for others.
    Wherever you are, cherish and maintain the culture, literature and practices of ethnic nationals, and strive towards widening the views and thoughts of local ethnic nationals. Pass on everything you know for the development of the human resources of young ethnic nationals, and support the development of ethnic regions and their socio-economic lives.
    Drugs are becoming a threat to the entire country, whether old, young, male or female, so do ensure that you, yourselves, are free from the menace of drugs.
    Also, participate enthusiastically in the prevention and eradication of drugs, and guide old, young, male, and female ethnic nationals in the region you are assigned to from the menace of drugs.
    Have good morals, free from corruption and favoritism, as being responsible and dutiful are traits of capable and trustworthy public servants, and such public servants are the backbone to conduct democracy. Understand this and serve the people so that you live a life as dependable and respectable public servants.
    The Union Government is putting much effort towards achieving eternal peace through a nationwide ceasefire, and all are urged to participate in this effort in the region where you are assigned.
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