Save Bagan as our soul and national identity

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Well-known historian Professor Dr Than Tun once said that he did not have a definite answer to the question of who founded Bagan, but the biggest culprits who degraded that cultural heritage site of ancient religious structures were common knowledge.
There is a famous saying in our country that goes
“Bagan is an absolute must for every Myanmar.” Metaphorically speaking, Bagan, home to more than 2,200
historic religious structures, is the heart of the Myanmar people. Since Bagan is
part of our national heritage, we all have a moral obligation to protect that cultural area.
The shocking 6.8 magnitude earthquake that struck in central Myanmar on 25 August did not spare the ancient royal city of Bagan, causing not only serious damage to some 200 historic pagodas but also emotional damage to the hearts of the Bagan lovers.
From a human or cultural perspective, the destruction of the cultural heritage and historic buildings is a direct blow to the soul of our people and the identity of our country.
In this difficult time, the government has shown
remarkable courage in
taking the lead in the effort to conduct damage assessment in partnership with a team of experts from the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation.
It is therefore necessary for us, ordinary people from all social strata, to stand ready to support the teams of local and foreign experts in their restoration work by all appropriate means. It is ethical to save Bagan as our soul and national identity.

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