Sagaing Earthquake: Authorities announce no damages to dams

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Officials check the irrigation facilities at Kabo Dam after earthquake occurred on 31 August. Photo : mna

An earthquake measuring 6.0 on Richter scale, centered near 14 miles northwest of Shwebo Township at 9: 39 pm, has caused no damage to the structures, especially dams and related waterworks large and small, in the surrounding areas of the epicenter, assured Irrigation and Water Utilization Management Department
IWUMD personnel wasted no time in checking the irrigation facilities including Kabo Dam, Koebin Dam, Thaphanseik Dam, Kintat Diversion Dam in the surrounding areas of the epicenter located about 14 miles northwest of Shwebo in Sagaing Region, which is roundabout 400 miles north of Yangon. The initial field check of IWUMD showed that the irrigation facilities were safe, but the department will conduct a thorough inspection of the facilities, and will inform the public if it finds any suspicious situation or any cracks.—MNA
(Translated by TMT)

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