Restoration of peace through all-inclusiveness

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  • October 15 is the third anniversary of the Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement (NCA). We warmly welcome the 10+10 meeting taken part by the UnionGovernment, the Tatmadaw and the ethnic leaders for further progress of the peace process to fulfill the aspirations of all the people of Myanmar.
    TheNCA is the foremost and the most important part of the peace-building task, and also the first step towards eternal peace. Further steps forward were then laid through trust and compromises, amidst confrontations and difficulties. During the pastthree years theNCA produced excellent results that pushed the peace processto reach a higher level. But there may still be some unresolved issues.
    The involvement of the UnionGovernment, the Tatmadaw and the ethnic leaders in the 10+10 meetings in which answers were sought through coordinated efforts is indeed encouraging. Now talks are in progress for the smoothness of the peace process accelerated by the leaders from the government sector and ethnic leaders at previous sessions of the Union Peace Conference: 21st Century Panglong.
    Talks are under way towards broader realization of the results of the NCA. The NCA brings two favourable conditions. The first one is the decrease in the number of war victims and internally displaced persons as the number of armed conflicts dropped to almost zero. So, agreements in the interest of the states, regions and the Union can be sought through negotiations.
    The NCA opens the door towards the involvement of all stakeholders in the peace process, creatinga platform where answers can be found through all-inclusiveness. Common solutions were achieved from the accords, by putting aside the differences. The NCA saw a lot of continuous political dialogues during the three years, and a total number of 51 accords were reachedas a segment of the Union Accord.
    But it is not a satisfactory level, as there remain some issues obstructing the peace process. Now, they are finding the answers to these issues. At the third session of the Union Peace Conference, the participants agreed to hold three more sessions up to 2019. A resolution has been made to adopt the basic principles for democracy and federal system.
    We must build the public-aspired Democratic Federal Union through all-inclusive meetings. We fully believe the meetings will focus on national reconciliation and building of a peaceful human society where equal rights are guaranteed.
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