Remember to factor the environment into economic growth

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Severe flooding across the country over two consecutive years has sounded the alarm by pinpointing the importance of conserving and enhancing biodiversity to sustain healthy ecosystems. In the past few decades poor management has prioritised economic recovery to the detriment of rich ecosystems. We have had enough of the ill consequences of our collective failure obsessed with the arrogance of humanity.
Huge is the value of the diversity of plant and animal life which keeps the environment balanced. We should no longer remain blind to this crucial issue. Instead, we need to rise to the challenge of disaster management. In our world, we should no longer consider environmental protection as peripheral to national development.
The environment does not necessarily belong to the present generation. We have a responsibility to make the environment a better place for posterity. Instead of lamenting the destruction of floods due to biodiversity loss, the government must be in the vanguard of the environmental conservation by enlisting the cooperation from civil society and other agencies. We must all come together with urgent and renewed commitment to effect a significant reduction in the rate of biodiversity loss if we are to ensure sustainable development in the future.
The sooner we correct our collective failure, the safer and healthier our ecosystems will become. The more rich areas of biodiversity we have, the less negative impacts of climate change we face. Now is the time for all of us to tackle the challenge of climate change by making our planet more secure, our economy more sustainable and our future more promising.

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