Relief supplies, foods donated to flood victims, Myittha, Chindwin rivers exceed danger levels


Overflow of Mann and Mone creeks in Minbu District, Magway Region, caused flash flooding in Minbu, Pwintbyu and Sedoktara townships as of 29 July.
Flood victims from Letpantaw and Layeindan villages in Minbu Township were evacuated to safe places by Mottama-6 Z-craft of Mann oil field on 31 July.
Magway Region Chief Minister U Phone Maw Shwe and officials supervised rescue and relief works after visiting Minbu, Pwintbyu, Sedoktara, Salin and Yenangyoung townships on Saturday.
Well-wishers from Magway and Minbu donated relief supplies and foods to flood victims while officials rushed patients to Magway People’s Hospital and the teaching hospital of Magway Medical University.
Ministry of Social Welfare, Relief and Resettlement provided relief items to more than 1,400 flood victims in Pwintbyu and foods, clothes and purified drinking water to the victims in Kalay.
Water level in Myittha river exceeds 1041cm more than 1000cm of danger level in Kalay. Yazagyo Dam still drains out surplus water from spillway on Saturday. Chindwin River also exceeds 85cm more than 1000cm of danger level in Monywa. That is why flood prevention measures are being taken. One person was dead in Maungtaw Township, Rakhine State, in the event of cyclonic storm that also destroyed schools, houses and power lines.

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