Reaction from diplomats to State Counsellor’s speech on National Reconciliation and Peace

Ambassador of Russia to Myanmar Dr Nikolay Listopadov 1 72
Ambassador of Russia to Myanmar Dr Nikolay Listopadov.

U Tha Sein, Zin Oo, July Moe (Photo: Zin Oo)

Mr Hong Liang, Ambassador of China to Myanmar:
“ This (Rakhine issue) issue is very complicated. They need time and joint efforts of all parties in Myanmar. International communities should give constructive contribution to this issue. The Chinese government’s position is very clear. We support the Myanmar government in its efforts for restoring peace and stability in Rakhine. The humanitarian assistance to that part of Myanmar is very urgent. China is doing its own.”

Russian Ambassador Mr Nikolay A Listopadov
There is no evidence of ethnic cleansing in Rakhine. Only a constructive approach can solve the Rakhine issue, which is complicated. International communities should also show how they can cooperate effectively with Myanmar government. Meanwhile, the Myanmar government needs to solve the citizenship issue in terms of the National Verification Process because this issue is very important for Muslim community there.
Recommendations of the Advisory Commission on Rakhine led by Mr. Kofi Annan should be effectively implemented. And the human rights violation issue should be solved in accordance with the law. Another challenge is the mistrust between the two communities, and this issue should be solved, too.

Paul Edwards, deputy representative of UNICEF
“The further attacks since that date, so she’s in a better position to know that than I am, but obviously, people make their own decisions as to whether they stay or whether they go, and it will take some time to settle down and for a peaceful situation to occur.
I think we have to take the speech at face value, as to what she said in terms of her wish for peace to come to the area. We have to take at face value what she said about there being no further military operations since the fifth of September. But of course none of us really know what’s happening there if we’re not there.”

Shri Vikram Misri, Ambassador of India to Myanmar:
“This address contains very a positive message. We all appreciate the problems, conflicts and challenges that Myanmar is facing. The situation that came out in Rakhine State concerns not only Rakhine but also neighbours including us in India.
It is also clear that authorities have the right to provide security to defend themselves against violent attacks. This is also important to prevent violent attacks on innocent civilians. International communities stand ready to help the government of Myanmar in addressing these challenges.
We would like the situation to deal with this within the context of the rule of law and of course to deal with the kind of flow of people we have seen across the border.
The State Counsellor said Myanmar is ready to take back the refugees born across the border, and then further steps will be taken in accordance with the law here in terms of a national verification process.”

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