Raise a Grievance in Polite Manner

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  • The proverb, “Man proposes, God disposes.” may be similar to a Myanmar saying that goes, “Devas cannot satisfy man’s desire.”
    But anyway, all human beings have the right to express their grievances and pains.
    And in a democratic society, the authorities pay heed to information from the people, and try to settle their problems, resulting in harmony in the whole community.
    Hand delivering letters personally by people to State leaders and throwing letters and things to State leaders during their trips have caused public anxiety for the security of the State leaders and leading to increasing criticism.
    Following the incidents, the Office of the President formed the Complaints Acceptance Team which will be a part of the entourage of the State leaders during their trips.
    Those who want to report their grievances to the State leaders are requested to cooperate with the team with full understanding for security of the State leaders and the smooth and comfortable conclusion of their trips.
    As a good citizen, one should treat the person in authority with respect and vice versa.
    It is no doubt that the governing authorities are taking care of the welfare of every citizen.
    Therefore, it is important for every citizen to render obedience to the governing authorities but to be submissive should be not only because of punishment but also for the sake of one’s conscience.
    While trying to solve the problems in every corner, an authority may miss one’s interest. Before we are going to criticize others, we need to understand the situation.
    There are various ways, and means, and procedures for making complaints about services or treatment people receive – launching demonstrations, making rallies, organizing vigils, and so on.
    Lack of proper etiquette is not the style of a good citizen.
    Whatever stance one is going to take, he or she should take the security of others, including the authorities, into consideration because today’s world is prone to terrorism.
    The motto, “Prevention is better than cure” is for the medical field in general, but it is also applicable to all other sectors.
    Do unto others as you would have others do unto you. Let us report our grievances to the authorities, but make sure that it is in a polite manner.
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