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Pyithu Hluttaw: compensation in Manaung Airport, judicial sector


The 15th day of the 2nd Pyithu Hluttaw 4th Regular meeting continued on March 7 at 10 in the morning.

U Tin Nu (also known as) U Tin Nu Aung from Manaung Constituency raised the question of, “What are the plans to compensate the five landowners involved in the expansion project of Manaung Airport?”
To this, the Deputy Minister for Transport and Communications U Kyaw Myo replied that the previous Ministry of Transport has already received budgeting from the 2015-2016 fiscal year and compensated according to standards set by respective township administration committees for crops and land and two monasteries via the Rakhine State General Administration Department.
Concerning the Manaung Airport expansion project, it is reported that of the 35 people being compensated, 31 accepted the amount while 4 people demanded a higher compensation rate. The payment for the remaining individuals has been deposited in Manaung Township’s Myanma Economic Bank and negotiations have been made several times to compensate them.
In the list of people being compensated, Daw Khin Mya Lwin is noted to have landownership yet no residential property and although she agreed to the amount being compensated, she has not come forth to withdraw the amount and thus this has been deposited in the township’s Myanma Economic Bank. Another three, U Phyu Thi Khine, U Tin Nu, and U Tar Ni, were found to have constructed buildings without legal permission and because they have ignored multiple eviction notices, the township’s farmland management committee Secretary has filed a lawsuit against them. Additionally, U Chan Pu is not on the list of people being compensated and is actually trespassing near a public road which is to be the site of the expanded airport’s runway. The residents of Samone have already complained to Maunaung Township management committee concerning U Chan Pu’s trespassing and illegal plantation of crops. Rakhine State Government has announced that U Chan Pu is not on the list, yet has appealed for compensation.
Deputy Minister U Kyaw Myo replied to a question asked by Daw Cho Cho from Ottwin Constituency concerning whether security measures will be implemented in Ottwin Township’s Myatnikwin, Hlayswemyaung, ChaungKyo, Manyeinsu, Yayohsin, Taungpu and Taungdan villages.
Next, the Speaker for the Pyithu Hluttaw announced the Bill amending Legal Aid, from the Amyotha Hluttaw and that Hluttaw representatives wishing to amend the Bill can write down their names in the waiting list and should state which section or sub-section they wish to amend. The Speaker also announced the Bill amending the Law for Conserving Water Resources have been reviewed by the 2nd Pyithu Hluttaw on the 6th day of its 4th Regular Meeting. Nine Hluttaw representatives have already registered for discussion concerning ratification of the proposed Bill.
Afterwards, Committee for Draft Law member U Kyaw Soe Lin submitted seven amendments to the Law for Conserving Water Resources with the Pyithu Hluttaw Speaker approving the amendments after receiving feedback from the Hluttaw.
Afterwards Hluttaw representatives individually submitted amendments for four sections in the Law for Conserving Water Resources, to which the Pyithu Hluttaw Speaker approved the amendments after reviewing the results of an electronic voting system by Hluttaw representatives.
In conclusion, the Speaker of Pyithu Hluttaw approved the amendments to the Law for Conserving Water Resources and will proceed according to Bylaw 191 passed by the Pyithu Hluttaw in 2013. U Tin Htwe from Waw constituency submitted an appeal to the Union Supreme Court for amending the Judicial Sector. Daw Aye Aye Mu for the Kalay Constituency discussed that due to immoral acts from authorities, many citizens have to suffer and that some courts ignore the procedures and legal rights for citizens in many court cases. This has led to imbalance and disrespect for the Judicial Sector. A nation should be able to provide legal security and legal protection to its citizens.
Bribery and discontinuing of court cases due to failure to pay unlawful sums of money, causes the citizens to lose trust in the legal system. This is also caused by unnecessary lengthening of court cases.
The appeal requests increasing the number of State Judges and appointing necessary staff members to district and township courts, and making sure all citizens receive legal security as stated in the Constitution. Twenty-four Hluttaw representatives discussed the aforementioned appeal.
Union Supreme Court Judge U Soe Nyunt stated that it is the responsibility of the Supreme Court and other judicial courts to uphold rule of law. The Supreme Court is doing its utmost so the citizens will have faith in the judicial system in the country and they are monitoring the actions of each level of courts in the country. When we refer to the judicial system, it includes not only judges but legal advisors, witnesses, and investigation groups. It is due to their laxity of actions, inexperience and dishonesty that faith in the system has deteriorated. Although the Supreme Court has authority to monitor courts, it does not have authority over other groups and organisations under the judicial system.
Only the Ministry of Home Affairs, office of the Union Attorney-General, and the Lawyers Association has authority over them, which is why it is not correct to submit an appeal urging only the Supreme Court, but should be inclusive of all groups under the judicial system. The Judge also explained procedures in sharing knowledge concerning ethics, procedures in conducting legal affairs, examination of unethical procedures in courts, and handling and introducing preventive measures concerning bribery and corruption on all levels of the judicial system. The Judge General advised that the appeal be archived while the submitter of the appeal U Tin Htwe advised that the appeal be approved.
The Speaker of the Pyithu Hluttaw, U Win Myint, then reviewed the votes for the appeal concerning the Judicial System and with a result of 286 approval votes, 4 disapproval votes, and 60 neutral votes, verified and approved the appeal.

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