Public Contribute Students Party presents its policy, stance and work programmes

Public Contribute Students Party logo
Public Contribute Students Party logo
Public Contribute Students Party Vice-Chairperson Daw Khin San Mu presented party’s policy, stance and work programmes as follows:

Esteemed voters and people
I wish you all good health and happiness. I am Daw Khin San Mu, Vice-Chairperson of the Public Contribute Students Party. I will now present the background history of our party and its structure.
Our party is first founded by the people with political outlook or economic outlook and the persons who have the experience in their respective fields and who are desirous of serving the public interest, which is their primary concern in November 2014.
Our flag and logo bear a white fighting peacock circled by 14 stars. We adopted the fighting peacock, which is the symbol of students (initiated by General Aung San), as a gesture hailing the students who joined forces with the entire nation in expressing the desire for democracy. The colour of the past fighting peacock is red, representing patriotism during the anti-colonialist struggle, but we chose the white colour which signifies the peaceful democratization process. The circling 14 stars represent the regions and states which are the homes to our nationalities.

Esteemed voters and people
We will now present the policy and the stand of our party.

Political policy
Ours is an independent, non-aligned and just foreign policy. We are against unilateral domination as we are in favour of the policy of non-alignment. We will never commit any act of intrusion, intimidation or intervention as we will be adhering to the policy of peaceful co-existence.
They are the policy for the establishment of strong and modern Union armed forces for the country that is sharing common borders with the countries that are powerful or that have the military might.

Esteemed voters and people
Economic policy
We will support the businesses in which grassroots are the primary stakeholders. Our priority program involves the encouragement of manageable-scale micro-businesses that employ blue-collar workers and the emergence of public companies.
We will approve foreign investment in accord with the policy to generate employment opportunities and will seek ways for the improvement of education.
We will extend the scope of the compulsory education system stage by stage until covering the primary education high school level, and our vocational education policy will focus on producing human resources for various occupations.
We will prioritize the opening of monastic education schools which are appreciated by the people as the pioneers of today’s education.
As regards the health policy, we will pay attention to equipping the hospitals and clinics in the country with international level medical aids and opening centres where free medical treatment and healthcare services for the senior citizens are available.
We appreciate the reduction of maternal and infant mortality rates as a must-do campaign. We will insist on opening a station hospital in village-tract and dispensaries and delivery centres for the remaining villages in the areas far from towns and hill regions where grassroots live.

Now we will present our social policy.
We will support the religious freedom for Buddhist, Muslims, Christians and Hindus and every other faith in the Republic of the Union of Myanmar. We promise freedom of association in accord with the law, and efforts for ensuring equality between all nationalities.

Our political policy
We will prioritize the work of establishing a consolidated federal Union through the discipline-flourishing democracy and demanding the equal distribution of administrative powers and rights to regions and states, which are the parts of the federal Union.

Esteemed voters and people
Our party was founded in the place which has a great majority of people at the primary level – farmers and workers. So, the task of protecting the rights of farmers is high on our agenda, and additionally, we promise the return to farmland to original owners through coordinated efforts. The area where our headquarters is located has a large population of workers employing at the many factories also set up in it. So, we will look after their requirements as a priority task, and our unique mission is to ensure that they are enjoying their original rights.
Esteemed voters and people
We have presented our policies as we are worried that people might choose the wrong man in the coming general election. We have fielded candidates for the coming election by fully supporting the article 7 of the basic principles of the 2008 Constitution, which says, “The Union practises genuine, disciplined multiparty democratic system.” We assume that the selection of the path based on multiparty democracy, rather than approach under the leadership of a single association or a single group or a single party is a right deed.

Esteemed voters and people
As we are clean and independent, we will never be followers of any person. All the members of the party are the siblings of a single-family born and brought up in this country. We will never leave our home country because we are so attached to it. The voters indeed are noble Myanmars residing in the mother country from birth till death.
As the opportunity to express the difficulties the country has faced during the successive periods has come, we are desirous of shouldering the duties with the full spirit of a loyal citizen. People should denounce the party that makes simple promises, and vote the party that speaks the truth. They should make the correct choice, and never let the country falls into a quagmire. Please choose the white fighting peacock and the 14 circling stars in filling the box for our candidate with a supporting tick. We are not giving an eloquent speech, but just giving a bit of good advice.

Our slogan is:

Human rights and democracy
always for the people
working with might and main
the white peacock the people love
I wish voters and people peace and happiness.

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