Public awareness of possible storm amid COVID-19 pandemic


* Storms commonly move across Myanmar in pre-monsoon and post-monsoon periods, and that it is important to have an increased awareness of the storms and make preparations in facing against the seasonal disasters amid the outbreak of COVID-19 disease. The Ministry of Social Welfare, Relief and Resettlement has expanded its plans on the COVID-19 prevention and containment, in addition to its underlying works of disaster management.
* People need to exercise the following guidelines on COVID-19 during this pre-monsoon, while they are making preventive measures.
• Frequent listening to weather news and share update information to the neighbours
• Cut out trees and branches possible to fall down onto the roofs
• Make houses and buildings resistible to strong winds and heavy storms in taking shelters at home during the outbreak of COVID-19.
• If the residence is felt insecure, find more secure places in advance for the family members. Stay at three feet apart from each other in new place, and being ready for soap, hand sanitizer, face masks and following guidelines strictly.
• If a secured place has not been found, follow the instruction of local officials and organizations
• Tidal waves may occur along with storms at the coastal region, and torrential floods may hit inland areas due to heavy rains caused by storms
• Make ready with boats, rescue tubes, life jackets and tight head water containers
• Store fast foods, medicines and drinking water enough for a week
• Make all the family members known a gathering point if each person separated from one another
• Never use phones during strong winds, heavy rains, lightning and thunder
* People need to be aware of storms and flood disasters during the outbreak of COVID-19 and to pay attention to the announcements of Meteorology and Hydrology Department. Update news and helps are available through the following hotline phone numbers of the ministry—067 3404666, 067340777.

Ministry of Social Welfare, Relief and Resettlement
Translated by Aung Khin

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