Protest lodged against Bangladesh for construction of fortifications

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Goods supplied by NGO. Photo: MNA

Myanmar has summoned the Bangladeshi Ambassador to lodge a formal protest against the construction of fortifications, such as sandbagged with overhead covers and bunkers on the Bangladesh side of the border, in violation of the terms described in the bilateral border agreement.
From Taungbro Village in Bangladesh facing border posts 34 and 35 near Rakhine State, Maungtaw Township, Taung Pyo Town to Lower Bashbari Village, the No. 34 BGB battalion had constructed seven fortifications — two sandbagged denfensive position with overhead cover, three sandbagged/earth denfensive position with overhead cover, one earth bunker and one concrete bunker, which were then manned by BGB troops day and night.

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Sandbagged defensive position with over head cover. Photo: MNA

Furthermore, the No. 34 BGB battalion installed four CCTV cameras and 10 security solar lamps on the Bangladesh side of the border between the two countries on 6 and 7 March, and 9 and 10 March, respectively.

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People forced to install CCTV Camera pointed at Myanmar side. Photo: MNA

Union Minister U Kyaw Tin summoned Bangladesh Ambassador to Myanmar Mr. Majurul Karim Khan Chowdhury to demand that Bangladesh remove the installations constructed in violation of the bilateral border agreement, stop supporting the construction of houses and buildings in the no-construction zone on the Myanmar side of the border line, and cooperate in removing displaced persons living there illegally. Myanmar informed him about 368 Rakhine, Mro, Khami and Daingnet peoples thought to be Bangladesh nationals who had entered Myanmar in the past few months.
Their nationalities will be assessed, and they will be sent back to their places of origin in Bangladesh, as per their wishes as soon as possible, he said.
The Union Minister then reiterated the readiness of Myanmar to receive the displaced persons from Rakhine State, according to the bilateral agreement between the governments of Myanmar and Bangladesh before the monsoon.

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Solar lamps installed between 34 and 35 mile post of Myanmar-Bangladesh border line. Photo: MNA

The Union Minister also urged cooperation from the Bangladesh side for the speedy repatriation of some 1,200 Hindus and Muslims in a list provided by Myanmar and 929 persons already assessed by Myanmar from a list provided by Bangladesh.
Furthermore, the Ambassador was told to provide the list of displaced persons who wanted to return through the forms prescribed in the agreed physical arrangement for receiving returnees, resolve the matter of displaced persons and other bilateral matters through bilateral discussion with neighbourly spirit.

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