Pros and cons of the social network

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  • It was 15 years ago that a group of friends at a US varsity created an innovative social platform with the aim of connecting Harvard students by forming an online community. But, at the time, little did the students at the university realize that their creation – Facebook — would become one of the most influential social networks in the world, boasting approximately 2.2 billion monthly users. Besides, they never envisaged that Facebook would rival other IT giants like Amazon, Apple, and Google in global supremacy. Now, Mark Zuckerberg, one of the Harvard students and the founder of the social network, is the youngest billionaire in the world.
    Except in a few countries where Facebook is banned, the social media platform started by Harvard students for their counterparts is now a website with members from all over the world. According to 2019 records, the number of regular Facebook users globally has reached 2.41 billion and counting. The sharing of technological information among friends was the initial aim of Facebook. But later, colleagues and friends began expressing, disseminating, and sharing their ideas, opinions, beliefs, knowledge, and experiences through Facebook. If used wisely and properly, Facebook is a fathomless treasure trove. But, on the other hand, improper use or misuse of Facebook can be akin to opening the proverbial Pandora’s box.
    Indeed, Facebook is a new frontier technology created for establishing friendships and receiving information in the fastest manner. But, it needs controls. Every place, community, organization, or social interaction has its own ethics or codes, but Facebook has none. Normally, social lives online are controlled by rules and principles and have limits and restrictions, but, in many cases, online activities can go beyond legal or social boundaries. So, there needs to be an online check and control system as users need to be made aware of the falsifications, deceptions, or distortions on the social media platform.
    We must not accept information that appears on Facebook or other social networks easily, unless it is posted on other media, especially the trusted ones. It is of vital importance that we have at least some information about our Facebook friends. Besides, we must also keep our personal facts or private information secret, otherwise unscrupulous elements can use them for their own ends, as the social medial network is like a mega city where crime can be rampant.
    Apart from online threats, another objectionable consequence is pornography, which has become rampant with the spread of the Internet.
    As social media has become a part of human lives, the best way forward for users is self-control and awareness, which will steer them on the correct part of the platform and screen them from harmful ideas or beliefs while browsing the World Wide Web.
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