Political issues need political solutions

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IT is undoubtedly true that internal peace and national reconciliation are vital to achieving political stability in Myanmar. It can, however, be argued that nobody can be completely objective in their point of view, simply because humans naturally see things subjectively.
A glance at our historical record is enough to reveal that our country is yet to overcome its political differences, which are responsible for it going nowhere, even in this age of globalization.
In this context, all stakeholders are required to establish new understandings of mutual respect so as to ensure the social, economic and political equality which would in turn bring about stability and lasting peace across the country.
In fact, politics is a national concern. It is possible to draw a tentative conclusion that we might stay away from politics but not from its effects. Despite this, a majority of people still hold deep-rooted reservations about getting involved in politics. On the other hand, we need to have ethical objections to dirty politics.
There is evidence that political stability is critical to national development. Judging from the political landscape of our country, political stability seems to go hand in hand with constitutional amendment, which is now widely seen as a provider of a much-needed boost to democratic reform.
All in all, failure in constitutional change is not a thing of the past. From a different standpoint, we should presume that the time is not ripe enough for it.

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