Philanthropy and human value


Located in the village of Kyauktan at the entrance to Bago Region, the Green Thumb school has taught orphans and children of poor families since 2004.
Sayadaw Dr Ashin Panjobhasa runs the school with the intention of implanting Buddhist teachings and ethics in young minds so that they will become productive members of society when they grow up. Nearly 500 children attend the school.
Apart from providing underprivileged children access to education, the venerable monk is engaged in other philanthropic works including computer courses, free funeral services, free medical care, libraries, environmental conservation, provision of organic farming methods, and establishment of botanical gardens.
Inspired by the Sayadaw’s efforts, a group including the reporter visited the school with the aim of making a contribution to its works. The cleanliness and quietness of the monastery compound has a lot to offer visitors. It offers a haven of peace and serenity away from the hustle and bustle of the city. We felt so pleased with our donations that our minds were filled with desires for more future contributions.
Words of wisdom delivered by the Sayadaw still echoed in my ears.
“If you really hope for national prosperity, stop exchanging words and trading blame. Instead, giving a helping hand where you can is the best way to attain that goal.” In our short lives all what we should do is to devote ourselves to philanthropic services to the best of our ability.

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